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Safe Handling of Oral Chemotherapy

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How should I handle my drug before I take it? General Guidlines for the Safe Handling of Oral Chemotherapy.

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This sheet is available to download as an Adobe PDF.

Safe Handling of Oral Chemotherapy Supplemental Sheet


SAFE HANDLING OF ORAL CHEMOTHERAPY ORAL CHEMOTHERAPY EDUCATION How should I handle my drug before I take it? ɋ Wash your hands before and after touching the drug. ɋ Only you or a caregiver should handle your chemotherapy. Do not let anyone else touch the drug. Ɉ If your caregiver handles your drug, he or she should wear gloves. ɋ Never break, crush, chew, or open your tablets or capsules unless your doctor tells you to do so. How should this drug be stored? ɋ Find a place in your home to store your oral chemotherapy that is separate from your other prescriptions and overthe counter medicines. ɋ Store your drug in a place with a controlled temperature that is not in direct sunlight. Be sure children and pets cannot reach your pills. ɋ Read the drug package and any included papers. Make sure to look for any storage instructions for your drug. Some drugs should be kept in the refrigerator. What should I do if another person or a pet swallows or is exposed to my drug? ɋ Keep calm. ɋ Flush the area with water, if the skin was exposed. ɋ Call the Poison Control Center immediately at 1 800 222 1222. What should I do with leftover drugs if my treatment is changed or stopped? ɋ Do not put chemotherapy drugs in the garbage* or down the toilet. ɋ Store your oral chemotherapy in a safe place until you can return it. ɋ State or local medication disposal sites or drop boxes are available as below: *If you need to dispose of oral chemotherapy quickly, follow these instructions: ɋ Mix whole pills (do not crush or open) in used coffee grounds or cat litter. ɋ Place the mixture in a container (e.g., empty laundry detergent or bleach bottle) and put the lid on tightly. Alternatively, double bag the mixture in plastic storage bags. ɋ Place the sealed container in your household trash. Additional instructions

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